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I write for women in recovery, empaths, visionaries and lovers of love. The truth is never easy, but it’s the only path to healing.

Love is not just a fall, it’s deliberate.

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Your perspective, outlook, expectations, and boundaries changed.

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Some tips to keep in mind.

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The people that see, know your worth

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Obsessing about the outcome is our attempt to control and ease anticipated pain.

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Stressful events inspire you to change your appearance

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How to navigate shame and take control of your financial goals

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Creating the life you want is closer than you think.

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Sometimes the strongest version is also the darkest. When you’re aware of both you become empowered.

Gasp (you wouldn’t dare) Gif by Julie Winegard

A poem about slowly falling apart or maybe coming together.

Putting the pieces back together again, and fixing your hair in the process. (Gig by xavieralopez)

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