I think it’s definitely a touchy topic, but the reality is,they have something to offer, something that we need. It would be a dis-service to ignore this moment. It’s a reminder that it’s only those who are ready, that will survive. It’s an unfortunate situation, but the next man is not innocent on their intent to do the same.

The disgust comes from the people who are trying to up sell products, and hoard valuable supplies. Even when companies offer products for free with seemingly good motives, it too, is a tactful branding strategy in hopes people will remember their good deed, and buy their product in the future.

I work in the healthcare field and it’s a business; front line health staff are frequently the first to be cut during reallocation of budgets. The government and media dare to not show support now, at a time when everyone is watching, to healthcare, general, and sanitation workers.

It’s the collective system of the world that’s corrupt, there is not better than none because we are all guilty of buying into something.

I write for women in recovery, empaths, visionaries and lovers of love. The truth is never easy, but it’s the only path to healing. contact@arleneambrose.ca

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