Is Life Serious?

It’s not about doing more. It’s about mastering lessons.

While aimlessly scrolling through YouTube videos I came across a comment with the most simplest of questions.

Is life serious?

According to Maslow, an American psychologist, we all have basic needs that should be met; such as food, water, rest, warmth and security. When this is done it gives us a sense of contentment.

We all have spiritual and emotional needs that should met as well; such as intimacy, friendship, connection to God, creativity and a sense of purpose. When these are accomplished we feel a sense of fulfillment.

We move through stages of need with our highest being realization of self…everything else in life is just background noise.

The only tasks we need to achieve in life are working through our hierarchy of needs.

Some of us get stuck on the basic needs without ever reaching to self actualization because we keep concentrating on upgrading our car.

Some people are not in a position to have their basic needs met and it’s our duty, where possible to continue to support our community.

We are still children playing adults. We grow up and are still looking for the gold star sticker of approval by showing off the type of job we have, car we drive, and martial status.

Relax, laugh at yourself more.

So you totally blew that job interview.

So your date thinks you’re a nut case.

Laugh about it.

Is life that serious?

There are circumstances that weigh more heavily on us; such as when a loved one dies. This isn’t something to laugh about but it doesn’t mean that we can’t take the pressure off.

It’s ok to say words to build up.

It’s ok to choose acceptance.

It’s ok to choose not to suffer.

It’s ok to choose to only allow yourself to complain for a short time.

We are scared to take life a little less seriously because we think that means we aren’t working hard enough, aren’t accomplished enough, or won’t be respected.

It’s ok to rest.

Maybe not my brightest moment but this is what an acquaintance texted me because I know I’m an introvert and need time curled up on the couch or in bed to be my best self. It’s taken time but I’ve learned to stop feeling so guilty and I let people know. Yes I will be at home for maybe the next 3 days doing art therapy and drinking tea. I’m not coming out but I still want to be invited.

Being tired and stressed has become the norm. We are scared to express too much happiness, appear too lazy, be too nonchalant or playful because we are shamed out of it.

It’s not safe for us to show day to day happiness. People start to hate us and take it as a personal offence. So we absorb their nervousness, disgruntled behaviour and unhappiness in place of standing firm in our own truth.

Is your relationship serious?

I have the uncanny gift of seeing relationships flash before my eyes. I see the romantic beginning, somewhere in the middle, the breakup, my strong resolve and path to recovery.

This is done all within a few moments of liking somebody.

The problem is my inability to stay in the now. There is always a sense of searching and plotting into the future.

Looking into the future is useful to some extent, but you can’t preplan a relationship.

For a moment pause all the thoughts about what you think your relationship is, what you should be doing and where it’s going. For a moment enjoy the other person and live out your truth.

Is your job serious?

Your job is one of three things.

  1. An outlet for your sense of accomplishment/purpose.
  2. It’s what you do to make money.
  3. Or it’s both.

All of these things can be replicated in a different locations and in different moments of life.

We limit ourselves to thinking that we cannot recreate our circumstances.

We get confused between circumstances and opportunity. An opportunity for a specific situation may be limited because it’s time sensitive. However this does not mean that you will never get opportunities again in the future.

Opportunities arise, but circumstances you can create.

Enjoy your job for the experience and financial benefit it is now. Put your best work into it, then loosen your grip.

Is life serious?

Whether we think life is serious or not, we’ve all been guilty of being in situations where we’ve taken it more serious that it needs to be.

We can all benefit from more play time.

I write for women in recovery, empaths, visionaries and lovers of love. The truth is never easy, but it’s the only path to healing.

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