What A Glow Up Really Is

Because it’s not just about making it big on YouTube and writing an E-Book.

Tiffany Thompson Photography

Your glow up is not about your material success but about your ability to navigate through the uncertainties of life while maintaining a stable mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and even financial state.

1. A glow up is taking care of your personal hygiene.

2. A glow up is paying attention to your health.

3. A glow up is healing past trauma and striving to contribute something positive to society.

4. A glow up is having a budget and managing your finances.

5. A glow up is no longer spending unnecessary energy on people and things.

If your inner “glow up” also happens to arrive with short hair, red lipstick, and a new car, then more power to you.

I write for women in recovery, empaths, visionaries and lovers of love. The truth is never easy, but it’s the only path to healing. contact@arleneambrose.ca

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