You’re Not Looking For Love

You’re Looking To Feel Understood

When you feel understood you don’t have to fill a role,be fake friendly, fake smile, be or do fake anything. You just are, and this brings disturbing amounts of peace creating a black hole in time.

It’s only when you let go of the judgements, shame and restrictions that you place on yourself will you feel accepted and accept others for who they are. That’s when you stop pressuring people to “become someone” before you decide they are worthy of love.

You don’t change because someone wills and commands it, if you decide to change; to become a better version of yourself; it’s because it was inspired.

Accepting people for who they are doesn’t mean that we have to become friends with them or agree with their believes.

This is what we do to people and relationships; we project our ideas of fun, love, and excitement on each other instead of seeking to understand and accept.

Another reason you may feel misunderstood is because of your fear of disappointment and rejection.

We want to know that someone is rooting for us, that they aren’t just going to leave when we make mistakes and stumble along the way.

What is the way forward? Perhaps a balance of taking more chances with vulnerability and exercising grace with each other.

I write for women in recovery, empaths, visionaries and lovers of love. The truth is never easy, but it’s the only path to healing.

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